What is GAMER?

Giving Americans Motivational Education for the Real World:

As most of you know, I have been interested in motivating inner city youth to obtain higher education and to obtain better life skills for the past several years through the basketball camp, Slam Dunk for Life. This past year I have experimented with a field trip program and motivational speaker program for children in Kindergarten and first grade. The results of these programs are very impressive, as documented in the letter from Patty Mathis, the first teacher who coordinated the first 2 events.

The program consists of 3 Educational Economic Expeditions per year where students go to various work sites in the city...            Read More >

Learning Expeditions


GAMER includes 3 educational expeditions per year for each student in kindergarten to 12th grade. One third of the field trips (Learning Expeditions) will be to an institution of higher learning in San Antonio such as UTSA, Incarnate Word, San Antonio College, St Phillips College and the like. More than 1 trip can be to the same institution; however, it will be to another academic discipline of that institution. For example, one educational expedition could be to the Mechanical...               Read More >


William Paschall Elementary:

It is difficult to find the right words to express my appreciation to you for funding the field trip for my entire student body and faculty to visit Sea World. THANK YOU! My school services students that come from...                                      Read More >

7th Grade Teacher, Dwight Middle School:

I would like to thank you for setting up and funding the field trip to Seaworld. When I first heard about the trip, I was a little afraid and skeptical. I did not really want to go. The reason I was afraid is that...                    Read More >

Clark High School Field Trip:

I am totally amazed by the impact that this field trip had on my students’ behavior back in my class room. First, my students are better behaved. In the past, when I turned my back on the class, at times one of the students would do something to disrupt the class like throw something...                                                 Read More >

Speakers & Volunteers



Motivate Our Students Texas, Inc., and its GAMER Program support public schools by funding and organizing close motivational relationships between students and the local:

Real education...real life. Our work motivates students to obtain higher levels of education thereby increasing their productivity in our society and in the quality of their lives.

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